Your Soap Maker

Hi, I'm your traditional Soap Maker Simon & sole creator of Dar Sabon natural Moroccan soap bars handmade with 1/4 Argan Oil.

Can you tell I love nature?

Your Traditional Soap Maker Simon

Since 2016, after discovering the benefits of using natural soap bars on my dry itchy skin, I have been selling the best handmade soap bars in England from the UKs' best small soap makers. Unfortunately in late 2022 I had to close my Leeds soap shop called Adam & Eco to focus solely online.

As I love this planet so much I wanted to reflect that passion within the products I sell & the soap bars I personally produce. 

Not only do I now create Dar Sabon natural Moroccan soap bars with 1/4 Aragn Oil, I also create The Great British Soap Company soap bars that are handmade in England with absolutely zero imported ingredients or packaging; everything is British grown & made.

I chose to produce my Dar Sabon natural Argan soap bars in memory of the amazing country of Morocco and the wonderful memories I have visiting there with my family. Especially the coastal resort of Essaouira where we first stayed at a Riad called Dar Sabon, not realising what Dar Sabon translated to or that I would later name my own soap bars Dar Sabon.

I'll share more on my story soon but if you want to know more please Contact Me.

Simon :-)