Why Moroccan Soap Bars?

Inspired by our families love of Morocco & the many benefits of natural Moroccan Argan Oil known as a miracle oil, Dar Sabon natural Argan soap bars are all handmade in England by me, your Soap Maker Simon, using the traditional Cold Process soap making method with 25% Moroccan Argan Oil plus Morrocan Ghassoul Clay.

Not only are my natural Moroccan soap bars great for healthy skin they are also amazing for your mind too, with some incredible fragrance combinations such as The Souk or Forest Therapy that are unique to Dar Sabon.

My Moroccan soap bars handmade with 1/4 Argan Oil are available boxed or naked with UK Mainland postage from £3.35.

  • Natural Moroccan Soap Bars Handmade With Argan Oil

    1/4 Argan Oil

    Argan Oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree which is native to Morocco. Known as a miracle oil due to its abundance of natural Vitamin E, it is used throughout Morocco in both beauty & food. As a luxury ingredient I have included as much Argan Oil as possible whilst still maintaining an affordable Argan oil soap bar.

  • Natural Moroccan Soap Bars Handmade With Ghassoul Clay

    Ghassoul Clay

    Often known as Moroccan Rhassoul Red Clay this clay contains higher levels of minerals than other known clays, is easily absorbed by your skin, & known throughout the world due to cleansing, nourishing & rejeuvanating properties. That's why Ghassoul Clay features inside all of my natural Argan soap bars.

  • Natural Moroccan Soap Bars With Unique Fragrances

    Unique Fragrances

    Not wanting to create just another natural soap bar (as there are many!) I wanted to create a truly unique skin nourishing soap bar with memorable fragrance combinations that you'll want to use again & again. Inspired by our travels throughout Morocco, such as visits to The Souk, each fragrance has been hand blended by myself with only 100% natural Essential Oils.

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